Turning to Google for answers has become second-nature to many of us. And although you may have racked up hundreds of searches, we're guessing you've never considered using your manners when questioning the search engine.

But for 86-year-old May Ashworth, being polite to Google is of utmost importance, as her grandson discovered when using her laptop one day.

Ben John was visiting his Nan when he decided to use her laptop to go online. He came across Ashworth's last Google search: "Please translate these roman numerals mcmxcviii thank you."

According to the BBC, Ashworth likes to watch TV and takes an interest in learning when programmes were made. The year of production is usually included in the credits in Roman numerals, which prompted Ashworth's Google search.


Amused by his find, John decided to share a screenshot of the polite search on Twitter.

The tweet has been liked more than 14,000 times and even garnered a response from Google: "Dearest Ben's Nan. Hope you're well. In a world of billions of searches, yours made us smile. Oh, and it's 1998. Thank YOU."

John questioned why his Grandma had been so polite and she told him she thought if she used her manners the search results would be quicker.

John is reportedly surprised by the media attention his tweet has generated, even getting calls from the US to appear on shows.