Have you ever worn an outfit feeling like it should have really stayed at home in the washing machine? Or perhaps you operate at the other end of the scale and insist on washing your clothes after every wear?

Whichever way you do laundry, you may like to take note of this guide published by Real Simple magazine, which explains how many wears you can get out of different items of clothing.

Taken from the book The Real Simple Guide To Real Life: Adulthood Made Easy it explains that the determining factors for something being sent to the laundry basket go well beyond whether an item looks or smells clean.

According to the guide, staples such as jeans can be worn up to five times without needing to be washed.


And skirts and trousers can be worn seven times before they need cleaning. Similarly, sweatshirts and jumpers can last up to a week without needing to be washed - unless you spill something on them, of course.

While you may be surprised by the longevity of these items, there are other garments that require washing far more than you think.

When it comes to white clothing, a wash after every outing is advisable to keep them from going grey.

And as you pile on the scarves, hats and gloves, take note they'll should get about three to five washes per season. Up to two washes a season is recommended for coats.

Items that require washing after three to four days are pyjamas and bras.

Of course, everyday clothing such as tights, T-shirts and underpants need to be washed after every wear.

And when it comes to the likes of formal dresses, they really should go to the dry-cleaners after each night out.