A woman whose cousin was left crying into her birthday cake when no one turned up for her 18th birthday has launched a campaign which has now gone viral to ensure she has a better birthday this year.

Hallee Sorenson from Maine in the US invited all her friends and classmates for some bowling to celebrate her birthday in July last year but no one came, news.com.au reported.

A heartbreaking photo of the girl sitting alone with a party hat on promoted her cousin, Rebecca Lyn to ensure she doesn't suffer the same fate again this year.

The post has since been shared more than 130,000 times and while Ms Lyn has asked for a simple birthday card, Facebook users have promised to send everything from jewellery to T-shirts.


"She is a person who just happens to have autism. She has never let that small detail define who she is as a person-which is why I refuse to use it as something to describe her," Ms Lyn wrote. "Hallee sat at her party anxiously waiting for her friends to arrive so they could have fun ... but Hallee's friends would never arrive. Not a single one. But you can help make this years birthday incredible!"

"I would love to flood her mailbox with birthday cards, from all over! Hal loves getting mail - this would be the best birthday gift she could ask for," she wrote. "This would mean a lot to her mother as well, for as you can imagine, watching your child cry into her birthday cake breaks your heart."

Here's hoping Hallee has a much better birthday come July.

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Posted by Rebecca Lyn on Tuesday, 7 June 2016