Residents of a US town are up in arms over the instalment of a bronze "selfie statue" that depicts two smiling girls taking a photo in front of City Hall.

The city of Sugar Land, Texas unveiled the bizarre new statue last week, donated by local artist Sandy Levin as one part of a 10-piece sculpture collection, according to the city's website.

It's unclear whether Mr Lenvin intended the piece to be serious, satirical or cynical, but not everyone is impressed with the council-approved statue, which now sits in Town Square Plaza.

Plenty of residents took the city to task on social media, arguing that it promotes a narcissistic society.


"Sugar Land erected a statute of two girls taking a selfie. Most embarrassing TX thing since Wendy Davis or the Rockets," one Twitter user wrote.

"I'm embarrassed for everyone," another tweeted.

One Facebook user referred to it as the "most basic thing ever".

Others are simply confused by the bronze work.

But Suger Land is standing by the collection, saying in a statement that it "reflects the public's strong desire for art that beautifies the city".

"The donated statues are intended to depict activities common in the plaza and parks where they are installed," city spokesman Doug Adolph told ABC News, explaining the idea behind the picture-snapping statue.