As winter starts rolling in we are finding ourselves wrapped up on the couch more often and if you've now sparked the idea of updating your lounge and seating areas - don't fret.

You shouldn't have to go as far as purchasing a pricy new sofa when a refresh is as easy as throwing a few textured cushions on your existing couch or a cosy throw draped over the armrest.

Look to multiple textures and pops of colour in patterns that complement what you already have.

Here are a few ideas for an easy update:


Kanuka collective 'Plantain' cushion cover, $99. SHOP.


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Kelly Wreastler 'Dune Blithe' pillow in cloud, $160. SHOP.

Jamie Kay bubble stitch merino knit blanket, $189. SHOP

Kip & Co 'Obus' cushion, $90. SHOP.

Penney + Bennett Emperor wool blanket, $399. SHOP.

Sunbeam 'Feel Perfect' luxe faux fur heated throw, $229.99. SHOP.

Republic Home 'Tribal Budi' cushion, $189. SHOP.

Kmart 'Hotham' throw in charcoal grey, $12. SHOP.