Three lucky hens have eggs-ited the cage and flown to freedom and a free-ranged life, thanks to a group of caring students.

Hobsonville Point Secondary School pupils calling themselves the "Chicken Chicks", Anneka Green, 14, and her classmates Montana Sullivan, 14, and Zoe Wynn, 15, have rehomed the battery hens as part of a project.

The hens, named Jojo, Kelly and Bug, were initially rescued by a Waiuku resident, Angie Fa'afiu, from a farm in Matakana.

When battery hens are 18 months old they stop laying and are typically sent to be slaughtered.


Instead Ms Fa'afiu asks the farmers to give them to her. She says she has rehomed more than 4000.

The students contacted Ms Fa'afiu so they could take three chooks more than three months ago. They are now happy residents at the West Auckland school.

"They were scruffy and underweight and looked pretty shabby," Anneka said.

"But they look amazing now. Really healthy and have gained weight.

"They are really cute and have their own character ... they are really cheeky."

The trio decided to focus on battery farming for an English and social science project on the topic, "Take social action".

"The actual project was to choose an issue we felt strongly about in current affairs."

They had initially raised $445 via Givealittle for a chicken fence and coop and have now set up another page to rescue more chooks.

"Whatever we can get means more chickens we can save," Anneka said.