Thanks to a Chewbacca mask and an infectious laugh, a woman has become an internet hit after she filmed herself trying on a Star Wars mask.

Texan woman Candace Payne streamed a video on Facebook Live of herself trying on a Star Wars The Force Awakens Chewbacca Electronic Mask. The clip shows her putting on the mask, which howls just like the movie's famed Wookiee, and laughing hysterically.

The video has been viewed over 132 million times, and shows the mother-of-two trying on her new toy as she sits in her car in a parking lot. She is so enamoured she lets out a loud snort before tears start streaming down her face.

Labelled, "It's the simple joys in life..." at the beginning of the clip Payne admits she would like to be able to say she purchased the mask for her son. "However, this is mine. At the end of the day, this is mine that I bought and I'm going to keep it for my own!"


She explains that she found the mask while returning some items to a local department store.

"'Stuff didn't fit. Surprisingly, it was a little too big, thank you. I know some of you may be thinking the opposite. Shame. No, no shame. It's all love."

Pointing to the Star Wars box she declares: "This is part of my birthday joy. I can't wait to show you. I am in a parking lot and people are literally looking at me like crazy, and I don't even care."

While she struggles to get the mask out of the box, she asks her viewers to be patient with her. Amid giggles she says, "This is going to be worth it. I promise.

"Maybe not. Maybe not, but it is worth it to me, and I had to share with my friends on the internet."

She has to remove her glasses to put the mask on and, revealing the Wookiee groan that is let out when she opens her mouth, she says: "That's not me making that noise. That's the mask!"

It's the simple joys in life....

Posted by Candace Payne on Thursday, 19 May 2016

"Oh, I'm such a happy Chewbacca," she says. "This is worth every penny. I can't stop. I kind of want to drive around like this."

Generating over 40 million views in the first 24 hours, according to The Wrap the video is now the most watched post on Facebook Live.