When he couldn't find a date for the school ball, an American teen found a creative solution.

Sam Steingard, from Washington DC, took his cat along instead.

The patient feline, named Ruby, even tolerated a pink dress for the occasion.

Is it a look of love, or is the cat saying
Is it a look of love, or is the cat saying "why are you doing this to me?!" Photo / Imgur

Sam's sister Caroline snapped a pic of the unlikely pair, and posted the image on Imgur, where it was viewed more than 100,000 times less than a day after it went online.


If he was unlucky in love before, the cat pic seems to have earned Sam some new fans. The image has attracted hundreds of comments, with many people pondering why Sam was unable to find a date.

"He's cute, even the cat thinks so!" said one viewer. "How could he not find a date? This dude looks great!" said another.

As for Ruby the cat, she's now enjoying her own slice of fame through her Instagram page.