Mediterranean scientists say drinking around 1.4 pints of beer a day could actually reduce the risk of heart diseases by a quarter.

Their metareview of 150 studies has found moderate and regular consumption of beer, along with healthy diet and lifestyle, appears to have no detrimental effects.

They say it could actually lessen the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Spokesman for New Zealand's Brewers Association Kevin Sinnott said with the rise of more options and boutique beers, people are already changing the way they are drinking it here anyway.


"We're lucky these days in New Zealand there's such a range of beer, for example there's over 120 breweries now operational in New Zealand, so New Zealanders are enjoying that and their drinking responsibly and moderately in the most part."

Mr Sinnott said obviously that's not the case for everyone, but the industry is working hard to encourage even more moderate consumption.

"Our binge culture days largely are over, we're really are making a lot of improvement in the way we drink, and for most New Zealanders having a beer or two with good food or with friends, that's how we drink."

Mr Sinnott said the new research is great news for people who drink beer this way.