If you want to get laid, it's time to lay off the beard.

A report put together by Philip James Hair Salon has analysed exactly what men - and women - go for in the perilous online dating world. To say the least, the results are interesting.

While most women and gay men prefer a little bit of facial hair to the clean-shaven look, a good 49 per cent voted long beards as the absolute worst.

Sorry mate. The lumberjack look is out. And you can take your kale smoothie and vinyl records out the door with you.


The good news, however, is that you don't have to part with it entirely. Most people who were into facial hair said the 5 o'clock shadow is most preferable, followed by a "short beard".

Meanwhile, four per cent of those surveyed were digging the 'moustache-only' look. Perhaps it's best left to Tom Selleck (Richard from Friends, in case you didn't get that).

Here's what else we learnt:


Red-haired men are the most reviled creatures in the dating world, according to survey findings that claim 62 per cent of people attracted to men think it's the worst hair colour.

And 36 per cent of people attracted to women agree.

Mind you - a bunch of reports claim redheads can withstand 25 per cent more pain than other people, so that's a plus.


Brown-haired men can rejoice, because 56 per cent of respondents attracted to men said it's the best hair colour, with 43 per cent of people attracted to women agreeing.

When it comes to both men and women, 23 per cent of respondents said black hair was ideal, proving blonde doesn't always mean "bombshell".

Only 14 per cent of people attracted to men selected blondes as their ideal preference, and 18 per cent of people attracted to women.


Crew cuts look sexiest on a man, according to the vast majority of women and gay men. The "messy look" always got some positive feedback, as did the classic undercut.

But most people are likely to steer clear of men with ponytails. The results found only six per cent of respondents were in favour of them.

As for women, 35 per cent of people attracted to females voted pixie cuts as the worst hair choice. Curly hair ranked best, followed by messy. Bangs came a little further down the list, at 13 per cent positive.

Now of course, looks aren't everything. But let's face it - swiping right 50 times in a night and only getting one or two back can be a little disheartening.

So, check your Tinder profile against these stats. If you see a giant beard or a seedy moustache leering out from your profile picture, it may be time to get that old razor out.