Just three months after giving birth to her son Rocco, Rose Byrne looked stunning on the red carpet at the Met Gala recently.

But behind the makeup it seems the new mum is still struggling with her latest role.

"I'm still in a fog," she told news.com.au. "I haven't even left my apartment in three months."

"It takes an hour and forty-five minutes to get out of the house with a baby, and by the time I'm ready, I'm exhausted. I'm done, I'm going back in," she laughed. "I don't care!


"I have a new appreciation for motherhood having just become a parent. Really, I've turned around a lot. It's actually very true all the stuff that you go through, all the cliches, which is a big surprise to me," she admitted. "I'm tired, but even so, all of it's great. But you definitely go into a cocoon."

She said of her unusual choice of name for her son, "Oh, I've always loved it. The name actually comes from a saint, St. Rocco, which I thought was very beautiful."

Rocco is the son of Bobby Cannavale, 46, with whom Byrne has been in a relationship since 2012, and who stars in the current TV series Vinyl.

She said Cannavale is a very hands-on dad. "He's terrific. He has a 21-year old (from a former marriage) so this is old hat to him. And I have to say, having someone who's already a parent is great because this is all very, very new to me. So I'm just taking tips from him." (Cannavale and 20-year-old son, Jake, were seen as father and son in season 4 of Nurse Jackie).

Raising Rocco in their US$2.15 million (A$3.3m) three-storey townhouse in Brooklyn the couple purchased last year, means he will no doubt be speaking one day with a New York accent rather than the Aussie accent Byrne has retained. "Well, maybe it'll be a hybrid," she joked.

Rose stars with Susan Sarandon in the upcoming movie, The Meddler. Photo Getty
Rose stars with Susan Sarandon in the upcoming movie, The Meddler. Photo Getty

Looking incredibly trim three months after giving birth she said, "Thank you but I really haven't been thinking about it too much. I didn't put too much pressure on myself to lose weight. I've just tried to stay healthy and I've been pretty busy looking after him."

She looks forward to returning to her fitness regimen, but not anytime soon. "I love swimming. I'm a big swimmer as a good Australian. And I love barre class and anything I can fit in, like yoga or pilates classes, something that gets me moving for a few hours is great."

But for now, that's the last thing on her mind. "Sleep is what makes me feel good at the moment, wherever I can squeeze it in that's the best thing for now."