You probably buy their clothes - you may even be wearing them while reading this - but do you know what ASOS actually stands for?

Fashion website PopSugar has let us in on some little-known facts about the clothing giant, and some of them might surprise you.

The retailer's decidedly unglam name stands for "as seen on screen", and according to PopSugar, the British online fashion store has 4000 employees across the globe.

Six things you didn't know about ASOS:


• The company launched in June 2000

• ASOS has a print magazine with a circulation of 500,000

• ASOS clothing is worn by everyone from Gigi Hadid to Kate Middleton

• The company styles and shoots every single product that appears on the site

• ASOS sells more than 850 brands, including its own

• 1500 new products are introduced every week