When posing for a selfie, you're hoping for a shot in which you look your best.

But if you want other people to find you attractive, it might be better to get someone else to take the picture, a study suggests.

Photos taken by other people are given higher ratings for attractiveness than ones we take ourselves, researchers found. They said this may be because people assume the selfie-taker is vain and "disdain the self-promotion".

Psychologists from the University of Toronto asked 198 students to take a selfie, and then took a separate picture of each of them. They then asked another group of 178 people to assess how attractive, likeable and narcissistic they thought the subjects of the selfies and non-selfies were.


The team found that the raters "perceived the selfies to look less attractive and less likable than the photos taken by others (as well as more narcissistic)".

Writing for Social Psychological and Personality Science, they suggested that "people who view selfies may disdain the self-promotion that they represent and therefore rate selfies negatively because they imply narcissism."