An episode of Game of Thrones makes me want many things.

* It makes me want a dragon so whenever I need a lift home or someone wrongs me, I have a large firey vengeful winged friend that can help me out of a jam. Like a big angry Uber with barbecuing abilities.

* I want a friend who is a dwarf so I can have witty repartee with them, and potentially dominate all the kingdoms using little more than banter.

* To have mad sword skills that will impress Jon Snow (RIP).


* To have a feisty daughter like Arya Stark.

* To have long hair that I can bleach to Daenerys Targaryen Blonde without it breaking in half.

But it turns out Game of Thrones has a very different effect on other viewers. It seems that it satisfies their need for sexy-visuals and as a result the porn industry takes a hit when an episode is airing.

When the premiere of Game of Thrones aired on Sunday evening in the US, online porn consumption dipped four per cent.

If you think that stat is a bit insignificant, think again. Porn Hub, one of the 60 most visited porn sites in the US has released a statistic showing that 4 per cent in terms of numbers is actually millions and millions of visitors a day.

But on a brighter note for our porn-y friends, they also found that immediately after a GoT episode aired, the most searched videos on Porn Hub are Game of Thrones related videos. In fact, searches after Sunday's premiere increased by 370 per cent.

All those bewbs in an episode clearly make everyone as toey as a King's Landing sandal.
Even Melisandre's weird topless shot couldn't put a dampener on the loin-fires, it seems.

The most searched character names/actors, are Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen), - blondie tops it, no surprise there - Natalie Dormer (Margary Tyrell), and Sibel Kekilli (Shae).