Most women would hate the idea of their partner organising their entire wedding without their knowledge but Chanel Whareumu says she is glad she won't be a bridezilla - she simply hasn't had time.

For months the woman who hails from Whakapara noticed her family acting strangely; on Tuesday she found out why. Her partner of nine years, Moses Atigi, got down on one knee and asked Ms Whareumu to marry him.

But that wasn't the only surprise up his sleeve, he had planned their entire wedding with the help of friends and family - their 8-year-old son even managed to keep it a secret.

"I had been running around that whole day doing personal things because it was my son's sixth birthday. They cut it short and I was wondering why, so I decided I wanted to do some shopping. I showed up at the house and there were petals on the floor and a chair in the middle of the room. He put on a slideshow and it had my two boys telling me they loved me and at the end he asked if I would be his wife."


Ms Whareumu said it was very emotional and her entire family was in the room. The marriage goes against tradition. Mr Atigi proposed on Tuesday and they will be married today.

He has sorted out catering, the guests, the location and hair and make-up.

He made secret trips to The One Stop Wedding Shop in Whangarei despite the pair living in Auckland.

The only thing Ms Whareumu had to do was choose the dress, which she got from the wedding shop yesterday.

"I feel very blessed that he took the initiative to plan this entire thing for us with my family, to make me happy. Most women wouldn't like the idea of their partner planning their whole wedding but it takes the stress away. I'm glad I won't be a bridezilla."

Ms Whareumu works for Brightside Cover and Mr Atigi is a screenprinter. Ms Whareumu said Mr Atigi is always surprising her.

"He wanted to take the stress away from me. I never wanted to get married until I met Moses so I loved that he had it planned. He's always surprising me," she said.

Ms Whareumu said she could not wait to call Mr Atigi her husband.