It had been months since the death of a 51-year-old father when his son found a hidden love note written to his mother.

Imgur user ButAnywayHeresWonderwall was dismantling an old work bench his father had built for his mother when he discovered a message scrawled in red marker.

Signed off by his father, Mason, who died from a ruptured artery in February, the note read: "I love you Becca. Whatever day this is, I hope it's a good one. God truly answered my prayers the day he gave me you. I know that these days are the best I'll ever have, and I'm glad you're in them. I'm not sure if you'll ever see this, but if you do, just know that I love you very much. If there is one thing [I] want in life, it is to be as good to you as you are to me. If I can do that, I'll be the happiest man alive. - I love you beautiful wife. - Mason."

Viewed more than 800, 000 times, Imgur users responded to the post with words of condolence as well as delight at his father's outpouring of love.


User WScarlet wrote: "This. This is romance. This is what being romantic is. Because he could never have known if she'd see it. But he knew. He took the time."

Another shared how she wished her husband was more romantic: "Sweet baby jesus I can't even get my husband to stop farting on me and laughing hysterically", they wrote.

Others shared their own experience of loss.

User NickOhu wrote: "My dad died April 4th of an acute aortal anurism. I feel your pain man. Just found my parents wedding videos."

Since receiving over 265 comments on his post, ButAnywayHeresWonderwall added a message of thanks:

"Thanks for the love guys. You don't have to send me anything. I only ask that you love one another so there can be peace. Leave the world better than you found it."