Address: 43D Eversleigh Rd, Belmont
Phone: (09) 489 8527
Open: Seven days, 8am-3.30pm
Cost: $45.50 for two

Set up & site

Despite its unlikely location in a suburban street near Takapuna, there's always a queue at Little and Friday.

The cafe mixes up vintage and recycled objects with white walls and beautifully presented food to give a clean, stylish, yet relaxed vibe. Until recently, customers were "forced" to eat cake for breakfast, but a few months ago they introduced a more extensive "day menu". We easily found a park outside the cafe, and a bench table out the front. It wasn't long before I was startled by a wet nose under my arm and an enormous, friendly dog. Pooches and kids are well catered for out the back, where there are cool play things, surrounded by an impressive organic garden.

Sustenance & swill


The menu is a shade pricier than some, with brunch options around the $17 to $20 mark, but the food is prepared from scratch - some of it is even grown in the back garden. I ordered the mushrooms ($20) and Mum got organic avocado on rye with goat's cheese ($16). Our meals came quickly, as did strong, hot Supreme coffee. My field mushrooms were firm and not too garlicky, with a nicely soft poached egg, accompanied by creamy goat's cheese, fresh rocket and a wedge of lemon. Usually a small eater, I polished off all of mine plus some of my mother's. Her avocado was perfectly ripe; the rye and ale toast soft and mellow, and the addition of lime was an inspired combination.

Smashed avocado, coriander, goat cheese, lime on ale toast. Photo / Jason Oxenham
Smashed avocado, coriander, goat cheese, lime on ale toast. Photo / Jason Oxenham

Service & other stuff

The staff are super friendly - I didn't even mind being called "love" by the guy at the till, who was so young and lovely it somehow didn't feel patronising. My only quibble was that, as the cafe got busier, our youthful waitress was dreamy when the situation called for efficiency. There were some nice touches, though, like handmade crockery by Holly Houston, and water served in glass milk bottles with cinnamon and mint. There was plenty to enjoy during the longish wait for a second cuppa. The real rock star, though, was the delicious food.