You may recall the phrase "hot dogs or legs" - a social media trend where photos of tanned, glossy legs were compared to hot dogs, often showing such similarities it was hard to tell the difference.

Today, Twitter is awash with a new food versus body part craze. This time, it involves the impossibly chubby arms of babies being likened to bread.

Hundreds of parents in Japan have taken to social media to share shots of their babies' arms alongside sticks of pull-apart bread loaves.

The flurry of images was sparked by user Koni (@sn15papa), who posted a photo last week with the caption "Which is bread and which is the arm? I can't tell."


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Since then, hundreds have shared their own shots of bread and pudgy baby arms, using #MyBaby'sGotTheBestBreadPhoto.

Twitter user Sachi Kirishima posted a shot of their baby's arm sandwiched between two loaves while another parent posted a similar image captioned: "I couldn't resist posting this photo that I took last year!"

This isn't the first time social media savvy Japanese parents have sparked a baby versus food photo trend. In December last year images of squished baby faces compared to rice balls became an online hit.