Whether real or animated, some of the best movies of all time have been about animals.

There's just something about our four-legged friends that makes for great storytelling that stands the test of time. Pet movies aren't just for kids, either - often there are lessons for young and old.

1. The Aristocats (1970)
This classic film tells the tale of a family of aristocratic cats and how one alley cat helps the family after a butler kidnaps them. The Aristocats was the last film approved by Walt Disney himself before he died in 1966.

2. Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey (1993)
This remake of 1963 film The Incredible Journey follows the story of Chance, Shadow and Sassy - two dogs and a cat who must find their way home after being accidentally abandoned by their owners. Michael J. Fox is unmistakable as the voice of the disobedient but charming American Bulldog, Chance.

3. Beethoven (1992)
The 90s were a popular time for pet movies and the Beethoven series is no exception. The first in the series saw the loveable St. Bernard find his way into the Newton family's home, where he helped the children overcome problems at school and home and quickly becomes an indispensable part of the family.


4. Monkey Trouble (1994)
Not all classic pet movies are about cats and dogs - Monkey Trouble follows a capuchin monkey as he escapes from his evil-minded owner (Harvey Keitel) into the arms of nine-year-old Eva Gregory (a young Thora Birch). Eva names the monkey 'Dodger' and must keep him a secret from her mother.

5. All Dogs Go to Heaven (1989)
Not only is All Dogs Go to Heaven a classic pet movie, it's also one of the greatest tearjerkers of all time - don't forget your tissues. The animated favourite is set in New Orleans and sees a mischievous German shepherd learn lessons about love and friendship that speaks to older viewers as much as little ones.