Compared to dogs, cats get a bad rap when it comes to friendliness and approachability. Many a dog lover will try to tell you cats just aren't as loveable.

But most cat owners know this isn't the case - you just have to work a little harder for the love of a cat. And what's so bad about that? Here are some signs that you've truly won over your feline friend:

1. Their tail is upright and curled

You can tell a lot about a cat from its tail. If their tail is upright and casually curved at the tip (like a question mark) this generally means they're in a happy mood and can be easily approached.


2. They give you little massages

Usually during sleep, or just before falling asleep, happy cats can be known to push their paws up and down on your body, like a little massage! If your cat does this to you, they really think you're the 'cat's pyjamas'.

3. They follow you everywhere

Cats are often said to be aloof, independent creatures. While this is sometimes the case, cat owners know that some loyal, happy cats will follow their owners everywhere like little puppy dogs; true companions.

4. They bring you 'presents'

Unfortunately for the squeamish, cats are natural hunters and if they really love you they'll show off by parading their talents - by bringing you 'gifts' such as dead birds and rats. But hey, look on the bright side: you'll never have mice in the house again!

5. They think you're purr-ty cool

A happy cat is a purring cat. If they're especially happy, you'll notice the sound of the purr is louder than usual.