A proud cook's photo of an Easter cake was deemed a no-no by Instagram, after the social media site mistook it for a bare breast.

The British woman had made a simnel cake, featuring 11 marzapan balls dotted on top to represent Jesus' disciples.

However, Instagram's automated censorship systems got the wrong idea, and suspended her account.

The offended baker's daughter, Fiona Moseley, took to Twitter to help clarify the situation, which she dubbed "boobgate".


"It's a religious cake, so couldn't get any further from 'sexually explicit content', and my Mum took a photo of it," Mosely told news and popular culture site i100.

"Then next thing we know her account has been deactivated for violating Instagram's terms."

Another image of the cake, taken by the cook's sister, did not fall foul of the social media site's censors.

The family appealed Instagram's decision to block the supposedly offensive cake pic, and the account was eventually reactivated.