Fed up with the dwindling daylight hours? Remember that hour's sleep we lost back in September?

The time has come to reclaim it.

At 3am tomorrow, the clocks go back and we get an extra hour to do with what we please.

So how can you best make use of this little gift of free time? Here are five suggestions on how you could spend that extra hour:


1. Roll over and go back to sleep

Most of us don't have time for a regular lie-in in the mornings, which can leave us feeling tired, lethargic and grumpy for the rest of the day. Why not have a guilt-free extra snooze, then treat yourself to a fry-up breakfast and enjoy a lazy Sunday?

2. Stay up even later tonight

Planning some drinks at the pub tonight or parking in front of the telly with a few beers but worried about a morning hangover? You can party longer than usual because when you wake up at your normal time you will already have enjoyed an extra hour's sleep so shouldn't feel any worse. This is not guaranteed, though.

3. Get ready for some DIY

After a summer of having a garden to tend and working outside, you may find your garage looks like a mini-tornado has hit it, with lawn-mowers, tools and car cleaning kit strewn all over the place. With winter looming you may have to get things done in the garage instead of using it as a storage area. Put in some decent cabinets, update your tools and have a clear-out to make way for some serious DIY.

4. Get your car ready for winter

Capitalise on the lighter morning by giving your car a proper once-over. That means checking your bulbs, wiper blades and battery and topping up the oil, antifreeze and screenwash. Can't be bothered doing it yourself? Hop in and drive to a 7-day grooming and servicing centre where it will get done for you while you enjoy a coffee and read the Herald on Sunday. If you can't even be bothered leaving the house, call a mobile service.

5. Ride your bike

Keen cyclist? If you get the same amount of sleep you will be up an hour "earlier" than normal, meaning the roads will be that bit quieter. You will be able to sneak in a longer ride in the morning before everyone else is up and still be back in time for breakfast - the perfect crime.