Women find it easier to diet at 25 years old - while 30 is when they are most likely to put on weight, according to a survey.

Research found that, by the time they are 40, women have lost an average of 19 kilograms, with eight diets in their twenties and six during their thirties.

The survey, by diet firm Forzadiet.com, found it was easiest for women to lose weight in their twenties when they had more free time, as well as extra income to afford a gym membership. On average, each diet lasts for four weeks and three days.

Lee Smith, of Forzadiet.com, said: "Our research shows the battle to lose weight gets harder for women as they move from their twenties into their thirties.


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"They have less free time to go to the gym and may well be struggling to lose the weight that they put on after having children. They are less likely to diet because they are juggling so many other things in their lives and are more likely to need help in losing weight."

The survey found that first-time mothers typically put on 1.8 kilograms, and only a third managed to lose that weight in the 12 months after they give birth.

It also found that the average woman puts on 3.1 kilograms between her twenties and thirties - possibly linked to the fact that the average age for first-time mothers is 30.2 years old.

- Daily Mail