Your wedding day is famously known as one of the best days of your life. Or at least it should be.

If you think about it, it's the most expensive party you'll ever throw for yourself and a party that often takes months or years to plan.

You'll find yourself spending hours sorting through details, searching for the perfect vendors, and making sure every aspect of the day goes without any glitches.

But when you're making the grand plans and coming up with the funds to pay for it all, you may wonder what parts are worth the stress and the Panadol-immune headaches and what parts you will regret later on.


To help you avoid any regrets on your wedding day, we asked twelve brides, who were all married in 2015, to tell us the one thing they regret the most about their wedding day.

1. The Price Tag

"We [the bride and the groom] paid for the entire wedding ourselves and spent close to US$65,000 ($95,000) on the whole thing. On my wedding day, all I could think about was how much this party was costing us and there was no way I could enjoy myself with the price tag creeping through my head. If I could do it again, I'd say no to a lot of things and cut costs by doing more projects myself." - Jenna K., 29

2. Having Bridesmaids

"I have a lot of close friends from all different times in my life and so I ended up having ten bridesmaids. In the end, it was more of a headache having so many girls by my side before and on my wedding day. I constantly felt like their team counsellor. I would have rather had them as party guests and tossed the whole idea of having bridesmaids to the Kerb. It would have made the entire day a whole lot less stressful and it would have saved them from wearing a dress I know they didn't really like." - Clarissa H., 32

3. Wearing a Dress They Couldn't Move In

"I was lucky enough to find my dream wedding dress and when I saw it, on my first day of wedding dress shopping, I bought it almost immediately. But I didn't realise, until my wedding day that I could hardly move around in it. Dancing was a nightmare and so was trying to take it off to pee." - Marissa K., 34
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4. Feeling Flower Bombed

"My flowers cost so much money and I hardly noticed them at my wedding. When you're planning a wedding, you think flowers are an extreme necessity and if you don't have them, it won't feel like a wedding. The truth is, nobody notices them and not having them can save you thousands of dollars." - Sarah L., 28

5. Spending too Much Time Behind the Camera

"I thought I wanted a photo with all of my family members that attended the wedding, so I spent so much time before the ceremony started having the photographer find each family member and take our photo. In the end, I'd rather save the two hours and spend them relaxing or enjoying myself over taking these group family photos. It was super stressful trying to find people and also getting them to pay attention to the photographer." Monica J., 32

6. Listening to The Voices Outside Their Head

"I've never been married before, so a lot of times when I had a question or couldn't make a decision, I would ask friends or family members for their opinions. That opened up the door for so many people to tell me what I should and shouldn't do. By the end of the whole planning process, I felt like my wedding was 20 per cent what I wanted and 80 per cent what they wanted." - Sonia M., 40

7. Not Picking Up Their Fork

"Message to all fellow brides out there: eat at your own wedding. You are paying so much for everyone else to enjoy their meal. Make sure you carve out time for yourself to sit down and eat the food in front of you. Enjoy yourself and feed yourself on your wedding day." - Teresa W., 37

8. Forgetting to Plan an After-party

"I didn't want my wedding to end and neither did my guests. When the night was over, everyone was asking me about an after-party. I didn't plan anything and it was a stressful task trying to find a location to go, with 50 people, who wanted to keep the party going until 4am." - Dana F., 25

9. Handcrafting Party Favours

"I didn't have a large budget for party favours so I decided to make them myself. I probably spent close to three weeks putting together handmade party favours. I made about 175. At the end of the wedding, close to 100 were left over. What a waste!" - Patricia E., 29

10. Waiting Till After the Wedding to Write Thank You Cards

"I waited until I got back from my honeymoon to write my thank you cards. If I could go back in time, I would have started them before the wedding. That way, when the whole wedding and the honeymoon are over, you don't have to look at a stack of 200 blank cards and start the process of writing a little something in each one." - Rachel T., 33

11. Worrying About You

"The whole night I found myself worrying about what everyone was thinking or if everyone was having fun. I barely was present in the moment and I can hardly remember my own ceremony. I wish I didn't care so much about my guests having a good time and focused more on myself." - Debby R., 24

12. Not Having an Extra Pair of Hands Around

"I would have hired a day of co-ordinator or a wedding planner to help out. I found myself dealing with vendor problems and making sure the whole place was set up. That ate up a lot of my free time and I wish I had paid someone to help out with that on my wedding day." - Katrina J., 29
• Jen Glantz is a professional bridesmaid and the founder of Bridesmaid for Hire.