You never really want to eat that entire bag of chips, do you? But, short of a clip or transferring the contents, resealing the packet never seems to go well.

Unless you employ the following hack, which uses a clever folding technique to keep the top of the bag closed.

Posted to YouTube by PureWow, the footage shows a packet of half eaten pita chips being "resealed".

The trick is in the final fold, which involves tucking the sides under and flipping the top fold over the ends.


Viewer Johnny Dominguez was chuffed with the life hack: "All this time I've wasted so much money buying clip chips."

But Jordan Fischer wasn't so convinced by the method, coming unstuck on the final fold: "What the hell is happening on the last step? I watch it over and over and I keep trying to "fold the top over the ends" and nothing's working?"