A Dad whose five-year-old son has Down syndrome shared an emotional video on Facebook after overhearing a conversation between another father and son.

Robb Scott of Nova Scotia was in a video store when he says he overheard a boy ask his dad "What's Down syndrome?" to which his father told him it's "an illness of not knowing anything".

In his video, viewed almost one million times, Scott discusses his deep regret for not speaking out about his own experience with his son.

This is important for me to say. Excuse my emotion.Kelly Macintosh-Scott.

Posted by Robb Scott on Saturday, February 20, 2016

"I didn't step up for my son and for other people with Down syndrome, and that was devastating for me in that moment," he says. "So I just wanted to right that publicly for myself."


Breaking down in tears, he explains: "Down syndrome is literally one of the most beautiful things that's ever happened to my life."

"It's fun. It's brilliant. It's amazing. It's funny. It's kind. It's loving. It's cuddly," he adds. "They're great teachers, people with Down syndrome. It is not an illness."

My boys. Chef Boyardee & Toughie.

Posted by Robb Scott on Sunday, December 28, 2014

Comments on the video are full of support and praise for Scott and his family.

While he says he didn't mean to "get emotional and be an exhibitionist" he writes in his video's caption how important it was for him to express what he felt he should have said at the time.

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