Meet the celebrity pups with more instagram followers than you. These are our top five celebrity pet pals.

1.Miss Asia Kinny

Lady Gaga's french bulldog is in a league of her own much like her equally famous mother.

Photo/via instagram @missasiakinney

2. Esther

Justin Biebers furry four legged friend is the latest addition to the Bieber family and like her owner she is super cute.

Can't make Esther too jealous

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Photo / via Instagram @justinbieber


3.Norman (Normie) Jenner

Quite possibly the most well recognised celebrity greyhound, a regular on

Keeping up with the Kardashians

Normie boasts a cool 344K Instagram followers.

They love her??

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Photo / via Instagram @kardashiankravings

4.Peter Pan Hilton

Paris Hilton has a mob of furry friends but one that seems to never grow old is longtime loyal companion Peter Pan Hilton.


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Photo / Via Instagram @peterpanhilton

5.Butters Perry

Katy snapped with her adorable cavalier king charles spaniel-poodle mix named Butters.

V important puppy bowl meeting ????

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Photo / via Instagram @kateyperry