Proving that children really do have the ability to fall asleep anywhere, parents in Japan have taken to Twitter to share the random, cute, bizzare places their toddlers have taken naps.

Using a hashtag which roughly translates to "my children out of charge", or "out of battery", hundreds of images of toddlers passed out in the middle of a meal or asleep as they pedal their tricycle have been shared to the social media platform.

It's unclear where the hashtag originated from, but after a parent posted a shot of their little one napping on the floor surrounded by toys, over 500 tweets have been added by parents sharing their own cute kids' asleep mid-action.

One child is captured napping in her noodle bowl while another has managed to get to sleep while hanging off a table top.


Another doesn't quite reach her destination, nodding off as she rides her bike at the park.

One little girl is shot dozing on a supermarket trolley handle while another has achieved the odd feat of "sleep-planking" across a table and couch.

Another is so tuckered out by a car ride she falls asleep with her head hanging out the door. Luckily she's strapped in by her seat belt.

According to Plunket, toddlers need a day time nap, some requiring this until they're three or four years old.