Strong jawed and stocky, or tall and smooth skinned, your perception of what constitutes a perfect male body could all come down to where in the world you live.

In a project created for website, a picture of a New York based photographer was sent out to freelance designers around the world asking them to alter the image to make him look "more attractive to the people of your country".

Called the "Perceptions of Perfection" project, the designers' revisions saw a diverse range of alterations made to the original model's shape, skin colour, eyes, jawline and hair.

The results reveal strong variations in how different countries perceive beauty and the project's authors suggest they highlight that it's not just women who may feel pressure to achieve a "perfect physique".


View the gallery here:

The Australian version saw little change to body shape or skin tone, but did give the original a stronger jaw.

The United States, South Africa and Egypt returned a much more chiseled physique while the Bangladesh designer seemingly felt it was most important to rework his underwear.

Russia's "ideal" male sported a flowing blonde head of hair and prominent pectorals while China suggested a tall, lean physique is the most attractive.