Making a very public declaration of love, a police officer in Florida went to great lengths to pop the question to his girlfriend.

In a video posted to Facebook and viewed 200, 000 times since yesterday, Officer Hickey can be seen pulling up in a squad car with lights flashing outside a large spray painted wall.

Collecting his girlfriend from the passenger seat, he leads her to the wall to see the message "Ashley will you marry me?" written in pink paint.

Hickey gets down on one knee and can be heard telling his girlfriend "I love you".
His girlfriend takes the can of spray paint and writes "YES" on the wall.


Some Facebook viewers offered congratulations then asked why the officer should be allowed to get away with "vandalism" while surely a regular citizen would be arrested.

The Gainesville Police Department explain that while the wall is known for being covered in hundreds of layers of paint, no one has ever been fined for using it to create artwork.

Watch the elaborate proposal here:

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Posted by Gainesville Police Department on Wednesday, 17 February 2016