An Auckland woman who defied online trolls who branded her dramatic 86kg weight loss fake has started her own website to help others on their "journey to health".

Simone Anderson Pretscherer, 25, dropped half her body weight in 11 months, going from 169kg to 83kgs by July last year.

The nanny and make-up artist has now lost a total of 92kg and has set up a website to inspire others in their battle with the bulge.

"What I've learned from that journey is how much I can give back and that's what I feel this page is great for," she said.


The website - Journey To Health - shares healthy eating recipes and workout plans, which Anderson Pretscherer used herself while shedding the kilos, devised by her personal trainer Nicole Alyce. It will also host monthly live web-chats with a doctor, a nutritionist and a personal trainer.

"The main point of the website is not so much the business, it's about the community side of it and getting people involved," she said.

"Obviously there's the part where people can sign up and get some extra workout plans and things like that, but there is so much free content for everyone and just a space where people can inspire and motivate each other."

There were "lots of fresh healthy fun recipes" for families or individuals, she said.

"It doesn't have to be boring - that's something I really want to push - and it doesn't have to be expensive either."

"And workout plans that all can be done from home with no gym membership needed, because I know, especially for mums, how difficult it is to find that time to get to a gym and to find childcare and things like that."

The website launched last week with "really positive" feedback, she said, with people signed up from as far away as the US, Canada, and Germany.

Anderson Pretscherer made headlines around the world when she posted images of her excess skin in response to those who claimed her dramatic weight loss wasn't real.

The move saw her Facebook and Instagram followers soar to 250,000, with stories on The Huffington Post and the Daily Mail, and an appearance on Tyra Banks' Fab Life show.
Posting the photograph was "absolutely terrifying", she said.

"I'd shared my loose skin because from day one I'd said that I would show the honest truth about huge weight loss and that was obviously one of the side effects."

The response was "overwhelmingly positive", she said, with messages from all over the world.

Since then Anderson Pretscherer has dropped to 77kg, and says she's happy with her weight and feels healthy. She's also had surgery to remove some of the excess skin from around her abdomen, breasts and back.

Despite her huge achievements, Anderson Pretscherer says she does not feel like an inspiration to others trying to lose weight.

"I still don't see myself as that, because this is something I've done for me and I do struggle to see myself as an inspiration," she said.

"But it's knowing even if I've made a change in one person's life it is amazing and that's something I'm so proud of."

She admitted it has not always been an easy journey, describing it as "99 per cent a mental game".

"But it definitely is possible and the changes do happen."

Visit for more information on workout tips and recipe plans. Access to the programme is $12 a month, or $129 a year.