Here are the highlights from tomorrow’s Canvas magazine. Get your premium glossy weekend magazine in tomorrow’s Weekend Herald.

It never fails to amuse me who is - and isn't - into Valentine's Day. You could put together a line-up of teenage girls, a bikie, several hipsters and a father of three and you'd never be able to pick who was into it. Or not. Given that, we've tried to cover all bases this issue, with something for the romantics (see Simon Day's lovely vignette about his recent marriage), one for the cynics (the inescapable awfulness of most rom-coms), one for the animal lovers (okay, not romantic love, but very sweet indeed), some delicious treats for those keen to impress their other half and some excellent drinking options for those with a partner - or without.

Plus there's a great yarn with Elton John, which has absolutely nothing to do with Valentine's Day but is worth reading anyway.

Whichever way you roll, enjoy your weekend.