Radio star Polly Gillespie has revealed an early Valentine's Day gift from her new boyfriend: A "Polly Dolly" Russian doll tattoo, complete with her name inked in Russian (Cyrillic) text.

Posting the image to Instagram, Gillespie says the pair came up with the concept together. "I love Russian dolls and he loves everything Russian and tattoos."

Asked how it compares to previous Valentine's gifts, Gillespie rates it "the coolest" she's ever received.

"I think mainly in the past, in my long and sordid past, the men either refused to acknowledge the commercialism of Valentine's Day or forgot. I did have a drummer give me a pair of his dirty old drum sticks once. I thought that was romantic, but I was young and very stupid."


Gillespie tagged the post of her beau's new ink with #drmorse #drmorsetattoo, referencing Dr Morse INC, a Wellington tattoo studio, run by artist Simon Morse.

The radio host says she'd love her own tattoo, but may not be supported by others in the idea.

"I'd love a tattoo from Dr Morse or Nursey No Mercy, but I think I'm the only one who thinks that's a good idea. Maybe I could get a tiny secret one?"

Last month Gillespie announced her new relationship alongside Grant Kereama's, who she separated from last year.

Talking on-air, Gillespie described her new beau as a "manly man".

Kereama and Gillespie remain best friends, co-hosting The Polly and Grant Show on The Hits.