Ashleigh Davis wanted the perfect Cinderella wedding pictures but her new husband Louis wanted just one which was a little different.

So between the ceremony and the reception, the entire wedding party went to KFC.

"I've always had a special relationship with KFC so it made sense," Mr Davis told the Herald.

"I knew we were going to take the classic, cheesy photos. She had the team of photographers, team of videographers to get the classic shots. But I knew the photos that are crack up and the ones you look back on are where you're doing something different."


The high school sweethearts tied the knot in Whangarei on Saturday after more than five years together.

Mr Davis, 21, said because his new wife got everything she wanted with the big, traditional wedding, he wanted something that reflected his personality as well.

Originally, he wanted everyone in the groom's party to be naked, strategically holding the bridesmaids' bouquets. But Mrs Davis wasn't impressed with that idea.

"I begged her to let me take one photo that I wanted to take."

And he knew just the one he wanted.

Mr Davis, who now lives in Wellington, said anyone who knows him, knows how much he loves KFC -- since he can remember, he's eaten it about three times a week. The morning of his nuptials, he even posted on Facebook: "Not nervous, just hungry. KFC breakfast with the lads I think."

He said it was "pretty crack up" when the bridal party pulled up to fried chicken chain's Whangarei branch in wedding cars, dressed in suits and gowns. They took a quick photo on his phone, but Mr Davis said he almost went in for a quick feed because he was so hungry.

However, despite getting a slew of official photos, the picture of the happy couple in a carpark in front of Colonel Sanders' face has gone viral. Since posting it on his page on Saturday, the picture has been liked almost 10,000 times and shared by more than 1600 people.


The fact it's gone viral has meant that the couple's family who couldn't make the wedding have seen the posed photo outside KFC before any others.

"Ashleigh's a good sport, though. She doesn't mind."

When asked whether he hoped he might get free KFC for life, Mr Davis said: "That would probably be a dangerous thing, to be honest. I should at least get a snack box though."