2016's trends are off to a great start with watercolour hair, coloured freckles and now moisturising jeans.

American fashion brand Guess have developed a new line of denim set to save you time and leave your legs super smooth.

Jeancare, Guess's new denim line, uses advanced Slimtex technology. The high-rise denim pant is infused with Ginkgo extract and vitamin E nutrients, a welcome development for the scaly-skinned, time poor among us.

Microcapsule technology is also employed to create a lavender fragrance that emits from the wearer's jeans as they move.


It's a technology that has previously been used by Wrangler who released apricot-kernel and rosehip oil-infused jeans in 2013.

Part of the Smart Guess collection, the range also features a pencil skirt, dress, and crop top. Currently only available in the US, the jeans retail for $US128.

- nzherald.co.nz