An American father has shared a video of the touching moment his teen son woke up from heart surgery.

Trevor Sullivan was diagnosed with severe cardiomyopathy in February 2015.

In the video Trevor expresses to his father, Philip Sullivan, how he is feeling.

"I'm so happy," he said, crying. "I've been waiting so long. I can breathe again and talk. I feel amazing. I've never felt so good."


Trevor was added to the heart transplant registry on March 6 after suffering a sudden heart failure. Then on Nov. 12, eight months later, Trevor underwent transplant surgery after a donor heart became available, Mr Sullivan told the ABC News.

After posting the video to to Gift of Life Michigan's Facebook page last week, the Sullivans have received tonnes of positive feedback to Trevor's amazing return to consciousness.

One person wrote on Facebook: "This made me cry. What a touching video. I'd love to follow his journey."

Another wrote: "Congratulations! This is amazing to hear for him and you. I am a heart transplant survivor out 18 years and doing extremely well! I wish your son nothing but amazing years ahead."

Gift of Life Michigan also responded to the video by saying: "Wow, Philip! This brings tears to my eyes. What an incredible testament to the amazing gift that transplantation is!"

According to ABC News Trevor had asked his mother to record his first moments of waking up from the anesthesia.

The emotional video has already racked up more than one million views on Facebook.