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UK journalist Katie Agnew recently wrote about a 16th birthday party, where she smelt the distinct aroma of cigarettes in the bushes. Behind the branches she discovered a sheepish bunch, guiltily stamping out their ciggies. The punchline? It was the parents: middle-aged, middle-classed and half-cut; more badly behaved than their teenage offspring inside.

Agnew describes the current crop of young teens as "generation square": anti-smoking, anti-booze, almost prudish. It makes sense really, that the kids of the parents of Gen X - who wore their bad behaviour as a badge of honour - would instinctively recoil at anything their parents thought cool.

No doubt including Paul Little's ode to Gen X's long, boozy lunches of the 80s, which he writes about in this week's issue.

Plus, Donna Hay has delicious recipes for summer slaws and Verity Johnson wonders if it is possible to find love on Tinder.