A woman who undertook 30 Tinder dates in 30 days as a social experiment has met her match.

Melissa Brenzinger, 24, decided to embark on the dating venture after downloading the popular app.

During the 30 date-filled days, Ms Brenzinger met her current boyfriend. While her date with him has been written about on her blog, she was waiting to reveal which one he was once she had written about all of them.

"He's one that you wouldn't expect. I think a lot of people would have expected me to end up with date number 11, who took me to a really nice restaurant, or possibly date number 23, who was quite a smooth-talking lawyer."


The happy couple, who have been together for about six months, are off on holiday to Argentina at the end of the month -- and will be moving in together after they return.

"It's quite nice to have a happy ending. It's a genuine experiment I did for my friends and family to laugh at and there were no expectations of meeting someone."

Since her blog was featured in the Herald, Ms Brenzinger says her friends and family have found the whole thing "quite funny".

A lot of online comments had been "horrible", she said, but "you stop caring really quickly".

"Most of it's been positive."

While treating Tinder as a speed-dating service had been a success for her, she said it's not a process she would recommend to everyone.

"The rules are there are no rules. I think you've got to create your own expectations for Tinder."

However, moving quickly through dates had its advantages, Ms Brenzinger said.

"You don't worry about whether they're texting you back or calling you back and you don't over-analyse the situations when you're going through so many different matches.

"Luckily, with Tinder, I had a 100-per-cent success rate for an ask for a return date, so I'm pretty proud of that. But if it had gone terribly, there wouldn't be any harm."

Ms Brenzinger had also received a lot of friend requests on Facebook -- predictably, all from men who had not read to the end of the article to find that she was actually off the market.