New Zealand parents opted for the traditional Oliver and Olivia as the most popular names for their newborns last year.

The Department of Internal Affairs today released its list of the top 10 baby names for 2015.

For the third straight year, Oliver claimed top spot for boys while a resurgent Olivia claimed the top girls position, pipping the royal Charlotte to the post.

Olivia was previously the most popular girl's name in 2012.


The list of the top five girls names was rounded out by Sophie, Harper and Emily.

Some of the bigger movers in the popularity stakes included Harper - eighth most popular in 2014 - and Mia, which did not figure in the previous year's list.

The two most popular boys' names remained unchanged with Oliver and Jack leading the pack followed by William, James and Benjamin.

Some new entrants to make it into the top 10 favourite choices included Hunter, which was previously 12th most popular, and Charlie.

But not all the 62,500 babies born last year had similar names.

The Department of Internal Affairs said there were more than 13,900 unique first names registered with the department reflecting the importance of family heritage, personal choice or the influence of popular culture.