International model Danielle Hayes isn't bothered by comments made over her "too thin" frame.

AUT student Emma Clarke caused a stir on social media after raising concerns with Auckland's D&M Hair Design over a poster featuring Ms Hayes and urging them to take it down.

She describes Ms Hayes as looking "unhealthy and unwell" in the photo and said the image didn't portray a "healthy mind set for viewers" and promoted an unrealistic expectation of how women's bodies should look.

"The way she is portrayed, she just looks gaunt and sick and it is not a very pretty picture," the student posted.


Her concerns were echoed by a few Facebook users although the majority supported Ms Hayes.

"At the end of the day I can't influence how a person perceives the ideal body shape," Ms Hayes told the Rotorua Daily Post.

"I'm pretty sure I've been this size, or very close to this size, since I was 14 and got tall."

She also happily admits she is a total "foodie".

"I love food. I love gathering it, I love cooking it and I love eating it - always have."

Earlier this week she made her Kawerau-based family ramen burgers for dinner and confesses to more-than-a-few sneaky pies each time she is back in New Zealand.

"I'm happy and healthy right now so, yeah, the few negative comments made about my size haven't offended me at all."

She said she was stoked to read the large number of posts in support of her body shape in response to the original post.


Christine Rowntree wrote; "so now we body shame skinny people? When will it end. Cant be fat, skinny or Mother Teresa without being wrong these days."

Renée Montgomery posted; "I do agree the model is pretty thin. But this is stupid anyway as simply looking skinny does not define an eating disorder or anorexia. And articles like this reinforce that skinny = eating disorder. Eating disorders are in the mind and are not visible by appearance alone."

From Damian Thorne; The poster depicts 'great hair' - I think you've all missed the point. It's just as vile calling somebody 'skinny' as it is calling them 'fat'.

D&M Hair Design owner Michael Sisaengrath has also spoken in support of Ms Hayes, saying she was not extremely thin.

"She is an international model, that is her job and it is not our choice to tell her she needs to put weight on. That is the way she has to be because it is her profession," Mr Sisaengrath said.

Ms Hayes said she was looking forward to the family's Christmas hangi and all of the food that went with the silly season.

"If anyone wants to see what I eat during the day, come hang out," Ms Hayes said.

- Additional reporting NZ Herald