She made her name as the queen of everyday comfort food - but Nigella Lawson seems determined to place herself among the foodie big spenders with her latest show.

The breakfast bars she made on Monday's Simply Nigella cost nearly seven times the price of the supermarket variety.

With ingredients including gluten-free cornflakes, goji berries, chia seeds, flax seeds and cocoa nibs, her 'Breakfast Bars 2.0' cost 78p ($NZ1.80) each to make, compared with the 12p (30 cents) price breakfast bars can be bought for in the shops.

As she mixed her bowl of seeds with medjool dates, viewers could not help but point out that her expectations of them might not quite match with their abilities, let alone their bank balances.


One posted on Twitter: "Chia seeds? Goji berries?! Cost of Nigella's breakfast bars = £463 per serving."

To make the batch of 16 listed in the cookbook Miss Lawson has released with the series, you would need produce worth £12.54 ($NZ30).

However, each bar is modest in size, meaning more than one might be needed for a filling breakfast.

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