Men are demonstrating the transformative power of on-point eyeliner and clever contouring in incredible Instagram posts of their drag queen alter egos.

Posting pictures of themselves in full make up alongside bare-faced snaps, it's hard to believe some are of the same person.

Hector Vasquez, known as @Torriinn on Instagram, is virtually unrecognizable as he morphs from a regular teen into his Kardashian-inspired look, sporting a long blonde wig curled to perfection.

Walking home from school ??????

A photo posted by Torriin?? (@torriinn) on

A photo posted by Torriin?? (@torriinn) on

While Chicago Bulls fan Anthony Vidal, or @Antvi94, doubles as "Brittney Bottomz" in a long red wig and smokey eye shadow.


????Happy Thanksgiving???? #Fall #cute #gayboy #instafamous #bottom #Chicago #drag #dragqueen #gay #flawless

A photo posted by Anthony Vidal (@antvi94) on

Brittney Bottomz for the win! #fabulous #dragqueen #drag #gayboy #redhair #fish #bottom

A photo posted by Anthony Vidal (@antvi94) on

Makeup artist Tony Eliason, is a master of contouring, transforming himself into his alter ego, "Julia Starr".

And Denis Andreu moonlights as @bettie_bitch with a penchant for Gothic-inspired makeup.