As the weather heats up, so too is the passion in Kiwi bedrooms.

One in four Kiwis say they have sex at least once a week, but that figure can be expected to rise with the mercury, a new survey reveals.

And passions are expected to ignite at Labour Weekend, when many Kiwis view summer as starting.

From 608 people polled by condom-maker Durex, one in five said they have more sex in summer. One in three admitted feeling more daring in the warmer months.


"While we would have expected the survey to tell us that we are all happier in summer, it also makes it clear that Kiwis are more likely to be sexually adventurous," said Durex senior marketing manager Emma Smith.

"Almost one in every four New Zealanders who have sex have had sex on the beach, while 15 per cent have had sex in a car."

On average, Kiwis who are having sex, do so 1.8 times a week, though this varies by age.

The survey also revealed why New Zealanders felt more amorous during summer.

Forty-one per cent of respondents said an increased number of holidays and weekends away increases their desire, while 37 per cent said daydreaming or fantasizing was a turn-on.

But the warm weather doesn't put everyone in the mood - 30 per cent said the evening heat stops them getting frisky.

Other passion killers include family staying for the holidays, too much food, alcohol and sunburn.