MasterChef New Zealand judge Al Brown, right, will be revealed as a man of many hats this season.

The Kiwi celebrity chef and restaurateur has had a dozen customised caps made for the series and will launch a range of them for sale when it's over. "I designed the hats and they all reveal a bit of my personality," Brown told the Herald on Sunday.

Brown started wearing caps to cover his bald spot and reckoned they also have health benefits.

"I never get colds when I keep a hat on, so I now wear them a lot," he said.


His MasterChef caps will each have individually designed patches on the front. Some will be food-related and will feature images of ducks, fish and a salt-shaker; another is emblazoned with a Vespa, Brown's favourite scooter. "They are all a nod to something I like. I'll pick the best four and have them produced for sale on my website," he said. "It is all just a bit of fun."