You can now find out how Uber drivers have been rating you, and, we suspect, how much of a jerky passenger you've been.

The booming taxi service has never completely revealed what it is you're being rated on out of five stars - but they don't tolerate "aggressive, violent, or disrespectful riders".

"If a rider exhibits disrespectful, threatening, or unsafe behavior, they ... may no longer be able to use the service," Uber writes on their website.

In the past, desktop hacks or an email to the support team could reveal your average rating, but a new in-app feature now dishes the dirt.


Just open Uber go to HELP, tap ACCOUNT then I'D LIKE TO KNOW MY RATING and SUBMIT. Within a couple of anxious minutes your report card will arrive in your inbox.

It's a nervous wait for your score to be revealed, a number which may leave you trying to nut out why it is your five stars have been tarnished.

Only 1 per cent of trips in San Francisco have rated passengers a 1 or 2 out of 5, according to Uber. However, some riders have been given "a temporary cooling off period or barred from using the app for inappropriate or unsafe behavior".

Uber allows people to request rides from a mobile app and was launched in Auckland and Wellington last year.

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Within a couple of anxious minutes your Uber report card will arrive in your inbox.

Posted by Herald Life on Monday, July 27, 2015