From dirt cheap to almost cracking double digits, the price of a bottle of beer in Auckland varies wildly.

Auckland was recently ranked as the 50th most expensive place to buy a beer in the world, more expensive than Liverpool, Amsterdam or Los Angeles.

But how do the city's bars stack up against each other?

In an unscientific survey, the Herald randomly chose 20 bars around Auckland to see how much a bottle of standard lager sets you back.


Central city pub The Shakespeare Hotel and Brewery named Heineken as the most popular mainstream bottled beer - they sell it for $6 a bottle, which sits somewhere in the middle of the range of prices we found.

The most expensive drop was found over the bridge at The Elephant Wrestler in Takapuna who charge $9.60 for a 330ml bottle of Heineken.

Back in the CBD, Spitting Feathers on Wyndham St sells the same drink for less than half the price- just $4 for a bottle.

The average price for a bottle of lager was just over $8 and the vast majority of places sold Heineken at $8-9.

Surprisingly, distance from the expensive city centre made little difference to prices, with many suburban beers selling above $8.

An exception was the Henderson RSA which sold the second cheapest bottle at $5.50.

The Dominion Bar in Mt Eden was just ten cents shy of the most expensive, at $9.50.

A global study into the average price of a 330ml bottle of beer was carried out by GoEuro, a bus, train and flight comparison site for travel across Europe.


The site's 2015 Beer Price Index, compared several brands of beers across several stores and bars around the world, and ranked 75 world cities in terms of price.

Auckland was ranked the 50th most expensive place in the world to buy a beer, with the average price for a 330ml bottle of beer in Auckland sitting at $5.53 (US$3.78).

The price of a beer at an Auckland bar was found to be $8.60 - or $2.44 if you picked up a bottle from a supermarket.

The survey found that in Auckland each person consumes 77 litres of beer each year on average, and spends a total of $1272 on the beverage.

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Posted by Herald Life on Tuesday, June 30, 2015