Assemblage, tirage, remuage, disgorge and dosage — all fundamental steps in the formulation of our favourite fizz ...

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Tohu Rewa Methode Traditionelle Blanc de Noir 2012

This busty bubbly is crafted from 100 per cent clone 115 pinot noir from Marlborough's Waihopai Valley. Dubbed "blanc de noir" because it's a white wine made from "dark" pinot noir grapes. Fermented at a cool temperature, it's then aged on its lees before undergoing a full malolactic fermentation to buff any "hard" acids into the soft, creamy layers we all love in fine fizz. With aromas of shortbread, cashew and rising dough, followed by clean, delicately fruity flavours and a delicious, drying finish.




The Family Company 'Cosmos' Methode Traditionelle
"All life begins with a bang," says winemaker John Thorpe on the back label of this fun, Gisborne-grown sparkler. Made from 100 per cent chardonnay from the 2013 harvest, it was aged for just over two years in bottle after tirage, before being released. Scented with soft lemon, breadcrust and yellow plum, it also boasts tangy citrus pith, nutty notes and creamy complexity on the finish.
Price: $25

Lindauer Classic Rosé
When I was younger and desperately trying to look flash in front of my friends, labels were everything. Expensive meant quality and, as far as sparkling wine was concerned, unless it was more than $30 a bottle and/or French, it wouldn't cut it. What an idiot I was. Not only is Lindauer affordable, this wine has a trophy cabinet groaning under the weight of all the medals it's won over the years. Expect shrewsbury biscuit complexity, crisp, vivacious acidity and excellent length. Darn lovely.
Price: $16

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