ZM's Drive Show announcers Jase Hawkins and PJ Harding have sworn off junk food during June in a bid to get healthy and raise funds for The Cancer Society.

The pair are halfway through the month and have had to navigate a minefield of office junk food traps.

Here they list their top 10 traps and tips to avoid them.

1. Birthday morning tea



If you're in charge of sorting out the cake for an office birthday - organise one that you don't like... for me, that's fruit cake.


This is particularly hard for me because I have a terrible sweet tooth, so I exit stage left after the singing. Honestly, after walking away I don't crave the cake and quickly forget about it.

2. Coffee and muffin runs
JASE: Go to a coffee van over a coffee shop - chances of them serving fresh food are slim, so it removes the temptation.
PJ: Drinking more water makes you realise you're actually not as hungry for that cheeky muffin as you think. I still have coffee though - I needed some form of indulgence.

3. Vending machines
JASE: if you don't trust yourself not using it... It could be illegal but just jam a folded piece of paper/stick in the coin slot and render it 'out of order' - just don't get caught.
PJ: Don't bring change to work. Easy! Also, out of sight, out of mind. WHAT VENDING MACHINE?! It doesn't even exist.

4. Lunch delivery companies or colleagues trying to smooth talk you into eating junk food
JASE: Organise meetings at lunch time so it's hard to leave the office. If they offer to bring it to you - inform them that you have a meeting with the Vegan Society so a burger wouldn't be a great idea.
PJ: Promptly pull out your home-made lunch and remember you don't need the grease. Get as full as possible on that delicious red cabbage and avocado quinoa dish before the delicious smells start to stink out the office because when you fall victim to those glorious scents you're doomed.

5. Event eating
JASE: I'm not one to turn down free food so take a zip lock bag along, pocket the free goodies and freeze them until the 1st of July.
PJ: Eat before you go and look like a good sort who palms your food off to everyone else. Then when people aren't looking, reach into your bag for a banana or nuts if need be. Pfft didn't want that slider anyway. However, don't write off the fact that you can't touch anything, there will be some healthy morsels SOMEWHERE at the event.

6. Catered meetings or working lunches
JASE: We'd be lucky to get these at ZM. Our idea of a 'catered' meeting is out-of-date confectionary items from the ZM Black Thunder promo team. If your workplace isn't like this then just be really terrible at your job for most of June so no-one invites you to these things.
PJ: Some catered meetings are healthy. If you know it's coming, chuck in a request beforehand for some fresh food. If not, get that water bottle out and suckle away your apparent hunger... maybe pack some emergency carrots too.


7. Office lollies / candy crush coworker
JASE: Get the creepy dude in accounts to lick all the lollies in the jar so you avoid them like The Plague.
PJ: My cranberry, almond and cashew trio mix has been a God-send. Whenever I hit that sugar craving I go for my mix or have a banana. Bananas have a lot of sugar but aren't processed so were good for the sugar fix.

8. Beating 3pm-itis
JASE: Go and ask the people around your office who had takeaway's for lunch how they're feeling. Chances are they feel like sh*t so that'll be enough motivation to grab a glass of water and count to five.
PJ: Again, my nut mix, fruit or corn thins with cottage cheese keep me going through the arvo. Cups of tea and coffee, with a balance of water also keep my sanity intact.

9. Friday night drinks
JASE: After a few, on your way home in the cab, go the back streets to avoid drive-thru and the midnight munchies.
PJ: I haven't eliminated alcohol, but to keep a clear conscience I try to drink healthier alternatives. Red wine was my first choice because everyone knows red wine has antioxidants... RIGHT?! Also, vodka and soda if there is no Pinot Noir.

10. Overcoming Moments Of Weakness
JASE: Before you are close to eating any sort of junk take a cold, hard look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, "Is this who I am?" Chances are it is, so jump on the scales and guilt yourself out of it.
PJ: This is a tough one, I haven't been in this situation yet but if I were I'd probably just close my eyes, eat my hand - something like that.