It's not your standard birth certificate - with a mother's occupation listed as "Princess of the United Kingdom" and a father the Prince.

New baby Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana's birth certificate was released by Kensington Palace on Tuesday afternoon (local time), signed by William, the Duke of Cambridge and officially registered in the City of Westminster.

Kate, 33, has rarely described herself as a princess, preferring to use the title Duchess of Cambridge, which was conferred on her by the Queen on her wedding day. But she is also Princess William of Wales, entitling her to be described as "Princess of the United Kingdom".

The 32-year-old duke gave his occupation as "Prince of the United Kingdom" rather than a helicopter pilot.


Normally, parents have to attend a register office within 42 days of a child being born. But in the case of Princess Charlotte, the deputy registrar of Westminster, Alison Cathcart, travelled to Kensington Palace.

The same registrar also visited the palace after George's birth. She has presided over several celebrity marriages including those of Sylvester Stallone, Joan Collins, Paul McCartney, Barbara Windsor and David Walliams.

After signing Prince George's birth certificate, she revealed how her big day nerves led her to botch the royal form-filling which triggered death threats and calls for her to be sacked over her messy handwriting.

She described how her royal assignment - "probably the highlight of my career" - was marred by an attack of nerves, saying she had to have "more than one attempt".

William was given a standard certificate to register the birth of "Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge". Miss Cathcart filled it in before it was signed by the duke.

The newborn's name was announced Monday afternoon (Tuesday morning NZ time), two days after her birth in a central London hospital on Saturday morning (local time).

Charlotte is fourth in line to the throne, behind Prince George who turns two on July 22. Prince Harry has been pushed back into fifth place, while Prince Andrew - the Queen's second son and the new child's great uncle - is now sixth in line.

- Daily Mail,