When it comes to relationships is honesty really the best policy?

Some experts insist that baring all to your significant other can do wonders for improving intimacy and communication.

YouTube / Elite Daily
YouTube / Elite Daily

But do you really want or need to know how many people the love of your life has had sex with?

In a new video from Elite Daily the rather uncomfortable question is posed to couples on camera: "Do you guys know many people each other has slept with?"



The reactions are brilliantly awkward as the couples admit that they have never asked the question, and then um and ah as they decide whether to reveal their magic numbers to each other.

One woman nervously twists her hands as she admits: "I think I've been a little more on the sexually adventurous side throughout my youth," while another puts her fingers in her ears to stop from hearing her boyfriend's number.

The guys are a little more impressed with their hook-up history with one saying: "When I was in college those numbers got stupid. I played football. Those numbers got out of hand."

YouTube / Elite Daily
YouTube / Elite Daily

Another reveals, laughing: "A little over the 150 number. I'm not afraid to admit anything about my past because it's brought me to where I am today."

One women refused to reveal her number, only for her husband to declare: "We might talk about this later."

- Daily Mail